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A garden suite is a brilliant way to expand the living space on your property and even generate revenue. Because of urban sprawl, garden suites have become an increasingly popular infill solution that’s being encouraged by the City of Edmonton. If you want to earn rental income from your existing property, you should consider adding a suite? Building a suite adds value to your lot and can also generate income as a rental suite. 

Putting it simply, a garden suite is a small home you build in your backyard. Referred to as garage suites, carriage homes, secondary suites, or even laneway homes, but we call them garden suites in Edmonton.

And whether you decide to rent out this affordable space, or use it as an extended living space for a family member or friend, means you’ll be either making or saving money by having a garden suite in Edmonton.

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What Are Garden Suites?

A self-contained living space

A garden suite is a legal, detached, in-ground single or double-storey rental suite which can be located in your backyard. These suites may be used as a single-family home. They are usually designed to be long-term rentals for Edmontonians choosing infill housing. Constructing these homes require a specific development permit. Very much like a basement suite, an Edmonton garden suite, is a self-contained living space that comes complete with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom(s), and a living room.

Some property owners build a suite in their backyard to accommodate their friends or family, such as ageing parents or their children who have grown, instead of renting the space out. Since the garden suite is in their backyard, it’s a great way to keep family and friends close without sacrificing any independence.

Garden suites on average are 1000 square foot permanent structures. And are permitted to be built within most areas of Edmonton, Alberta. However, under Edmonton’s newest regulations, you are now allowed to install a tiny home garden suite if it is on a permanent foundation and meets Edmonton’s building code requirements.

In fact some garden suites may be 1,399 square feet given that coverage requirements are met. You can also choose to have a basement in your garden suite. Basements don’t count towards your square footage. So, there’s a lot of variability and flexibility in building a garden suite.

Westmount garage before demolition
New grade beam for laneway home foundation
Westmount suite construction nearly finished
Completed exterior of garden suite Edmonton

How to Go About Building a Garden Suite on Your Edmonton Lot

It can be somewhat overwhelming when it comes to building a suite within your garden, as the complexities of the design and construction can be somewhat daunting without professional advice. 

So, this is where the pros come in – here at Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd. We are experienced in providing high-quality suites – whatever the size, whatever your budget, we’ll do all the heavy lifting and all you’ll have to do is relax and enjoy the beautiful results of your garden suite Edmonton…

The challenges that come with building a garden suite can include:

  • Endless decisions – before you even start the garden suite building, there are lots of important decisions you have to make as garden suites in Edmonton are a relatively new phenomena.
  •  Complicated by-laws – there are lots of rules and regulations which you have to be aware of – zoning, overlays, special rules – we can take care of all of this and guide you through the processes.
  • Site conditions – every building site is a unique area – we’ll evaluate each site for any possible complications, challenges or constraints that could cause issues as the work progresses.
  • Costs – costs can often overrun – we’ll be upfront from the start to the finish of your garden suite to avoid any unexpected surprises.

So, let us do the hard word work when it comes to your garden suite in Edmonton.

Costs to Consider When Building a Garden Suite for Backyard Infill.

Costs?  Well, this obviously depends on several factors which can seriously impact the infill suite’s price and includes things such as site conditions, size, design complexity, and specifications, etc.

Our pricing at Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd captures as many of the direct and indirect costs from the beginning of the project as possible. The project costs can include things such as design, engineering, demolition, site grading and infrastructure upgrades, which are often overlooked when it comes to building with a preliminary budget.

These can be substantial costs, so it’s important to include them as part of a complete budget from the onset.

What's Included in the Costing?

  • Site Evaluation
  • Design and Consulting
  • Site-Specific Engineering
  • Construction Documentation
  • Permit Fees & Coordination
  • Demolition and Site Work
  • Utility Connections
  • Fully Finished Suite
  • New Home Warranty


 As part of our site assessment process, we carefully analyze the gas, electricity, and water and sewer utilities. We can then propose the most cost-effective and efficient routing of utilities for your project.


Things To Know About Edmonton Garden Suites

Q: What is a garden suite?

Garden suites are apartment sized detached buildings that are built within the backyards of existing homes. These buildings are their own living space with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Because garden suites are built with all the amenities of a small home, it is common for homeowners to rent them out.

Q: How big can a garden suite be in Edmonton?

The maximum size of your garden suite depends on the size of your lot. A garden suite may not exceed a maximum lot coverage of 18%. And the total floor area may not exceed 1291.67 square feet.

Q: How much does it cost to build a garden suite in Edmonton?

You can expect to spend from $180000 to $250000 to build a garden suite in Edmonton.

Q: Do I need a permit for a garden suite in Edmonton?

Yes, because a garden suite is a detached building with a living space it does require building permits and inspections. In 2017 the City of Edmonton brought in new regulations to support the development of Garden Suites. These regulations allow for better development of Garden Suites and try and promote the construction of more Garden Suites in Edmonton.

Parkallen garage suite, finished exterior

We’re really upfront with our costs and always have the budget of our customers at the forefront of our mind when carrying out work.

If you have the desire to build an infill garden suite in Edmonton, please give us a ring today at 780-263-7865, so we can provide you free and impartial advice on how to get this exciting project started!