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Garden Suites for Infill in Edmonton

Make Living Better

As the city of Edmonton grows, the need for higher residential density increases. But how can residential density increase while maintaining a comfortable living? Clever infill options like Garden Suite Edmonton construction provide a solution.

Self Contained Living Space

Garden Suites are self-contained living spaces that are built either in place or above a residential garage space. A self-contained building that includes a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom(s), and living room. This infill option takes advantage of the wasted space in many Edmonton residential properties. Garden suites make for smaller, lower-maintenance, and more affordable housing options in our communities. This concept allows Edmonton homeowners to have multigenerational living or create rental income from a separate apartment-style living space built on their property. When compared to a basement suite for rental revenue, a garden suite offers a better option. 

Garden Suite Building Process

Where the lot meets the minimum size requirements, permissive use of garden suites is allowed in most Edmonton residential areas. Once you’ve determined that your property qualifies for a garden suite, the first step is to come up with a design concept for your garden suite. If you don’t have any design or construction knowledge, you can hire a garden suite builder like Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd. Working with Smyth Stolarz can ease the entire construction process, from permitting and planning to construction and completion. This allows homeowners like you to enjoy the benefits of their new garden suite without the stress of having to navigate the building process.

How Does Infill Benefit Edmonton Homeowners

Garden suites not only provide great options for homeowners, they also create ease for taxpayers as infill. In the development of a new neighbourhood, the city is frequently responsible for building new community amenities such as roads, infrastructure, libraries, fire stations, and other capital projects. The city is also responsible for the maintenance of all this new infrastructure and facilities once they are established. Creating new neighbourhoods incurs additional costs for the taxpayer. While infill allows residents to take advantage of existing amenities and infrastructure at a lower cost by making better use of land as homeowners. When we create more sustainable living options in our own communities, we can all benefit.

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