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Full Home Renovation

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A full home renovation is a complete restoration of an entire house. The need to do a full home renovation can vary with each homeowner. Quite often homeowners who have lived in one house for many years are interested in upgrading or remodeling simply due to the age of their home. Other homeowners may be looking to rejuvenate an older construction in an appealing well established neighborhood. Whatever your reason to renovate, remember that through engineering  anything is possible with a full home renovation.

A large benefit to a complete reno is the opportunity to remodel and redesign an existing layout. Because a full home renovation is more involved with most of the home’s original interiors and exteriors stripped away, there is an opportunity to make big changes. Dated historic homes with small rooms can be transferred on to open floor plans for modern living.

Edmonton is a growing City that is getting bigger and growing outward. There are so many classic well built homes with solid “bones” that are ideal to be renovated and restored. New home construction focuses on mass produced quickly constructed houses in communities located on the outer edge of the city. Some homeowners don’t enjoy the idea of living further out from the city’s core. Suburban living is not for everyone. For these people a full home renovation provides a great alternative. Live close to the action near the heart of the city while still enjoying the benefits of a newly renovated quality built home.

A full home renovation is a big project. A project like this requires the experience and expertise that only a renovation company like Smyth Stolarz Construction can provide. Contact us for a consultation. With a full home reno the options are endless and we can help. We’ll guide you through the entire process, assist you with budgets and possibilities. Contact us to learn more about a Full Home Renovation today.

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Full Home Renovation


Full Home Renovation

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Our Full Home Renovation Process

Step By Step Making it Easy

It’s important that a large renovation project like a full home reno has a good plan and a solid process to follow. Reno’s provide an opportunity to expand and update your living space from attic to basement. Having an experienced renovation contractor like us on your side is also very important. As your renovation contractor we create and follow the plan for your entire project. Full home renovation projects always present many challenges. It is through a decade of completing these projects that we can embrace these challenges or even foresee potential issues. Don’t take on a project this size without help, contact us at Smyth Stolarz today.

As a homeowner you want to see the vision of your home become a reality and we can take you there. Our full home process ensures we remain on budget and on schedule from start to finish.

Planning and Design

Share with us the vision you have for your home. What do you want your home to be like when the renovations are done? We’ll take your vision and use it to create floor plans, budgets and a schedule. This is where we start.


Upon finalizing design and budget approvals we then move forward and apply for building permits with the city. The City of Edmonton will review our design drawings and plans to confirm that your renovation is in conformance with building code requirements.


“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” ― Pablo Picasso

After the work has been approved the unneeded parts of the house can be demolished and the old building materials and structure are removed and properly disposed of.


As the old unwanted portions of the house have been removed we then begin rebuilding. New walls and structure are built to accommodate the new floor plan and design.

Rough In

With the new walls and structure in place we then install and run all the new electrical, plumbing, HVAC and gas lines. After rough in for each trade is complete an inspection is carried out by the City of Edmonton for each respective trade.

Drywall and Taping

With all the rough in completed and inspected it’s time to close off the walls. Drywall is put up on the walls and ceilings. Extra care and attention to detail is needed at this stage. The better the drywall installation the less mudding and taping that will be needed before paint.

Painting and Finishing

After the walls are covered with drywall and the taping has had its final sanding; it is time to prime, paint and finish the rooms with flooring, trim, doors and any additional fixtures. This is the last large step in the process and where you get to see your vision come together.

Project Completion

There are many moving parts in renovation projects such as a full home renovation. Managing a project of this size while having the foresight to avoid issues is a daunting task. At Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd. tackling large renovation projects is what we do. We’re here to help, contact us today for a free consultation on how we can make your dream a reality.

Kitchen cabinets being removed in west Edmonton
kitchen demolition
Kitchen has been gutted and ceiling painted
new kitchen cabinets being installed in west Edmonton
beautiful new kitchen cabinets and counter tops


Things To Know About Full Home Renovations

Q: How much does a full house renovation cost?

You can expect to pay from $70- to $190 per square foot to renovate an entire home. With homes averaging around 1500-2000 square feet in size, a full home renovation may cost from $190,000 – $260,000 on average.

Q: How long does it take to do a full house renovation?

Depending on the extent of the design a full home renovation can take from 4 to 10 months to complete.

Q: Is it cheaper to renovate or build new?

Unless there are significant structural issues with the home it is cheaper to renovate instead of  demolishing and rebuilding.

Q: Is it better to renovate or sell as is?

Newly renovated homes are always far more appealing to home buyers and add value to the resale of the home.

Q: What does full renovation mean?

A full or complete renovation entails the renovation or remodeling of an entire home from top to bottom.

Q: Does renovating a house add value?

Because a complete custom home renovation brings the home up to date in its entirety a full home reno will always add value to the home. There is great appeal to home buyers in a turn key purchase where the house is ready to move into without needing any renovations. Often older homes will have had  rooms renovated at different times. This creates inconsistency in the home’s style and look. This is unappealing to potential home buyers. Homes that are updated as a whole don’t have this issue. And are far more appealing to prospective buyers.

Q: How often should you renovate your home?

Depending on the original build quality of a home renovations should be considered every 15 to 20 years. In the case of builder quality homes 10 years.