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Frequently Asked Questions

About Home Renovations in Edmonton

Q: What is a Renovation Contractor and what do they do?


Hiring a renovator means that as a contractor, in a renovation project they are responsible for the scheduling and management of the entire renovation project. General contractors are hired to manage the project from ground break to completion. It is the responsibility of the renovation contractor to provide the materials and skilled labor.

Their service fees include handling permits, hiring trade workers, supervising these workers, and working with you to ensure the renovation work goes the way you want.

Q: How much would a whole house renovation cost?


There are loads of reasons to splash out on renovating your Edmonton home. This can range from improving the quality and aesthetics of your home to increasing your resale value. For most people, the biggest challenge to renovating is the cost – or the thought of the potential costs.
Renovation costs can start around $20,000 for minor projects, and depending on the size and scale or the work to be carried out. If you want your whole house transformed, you can expect a budget to start from $150000. This is because the majority of costs are labour, and then the next biggest outlay is the essential materials.
Factors such as changes to square footage, the finishes you choose, and what’s included in the renovation will inevitably affect the cost. When it comes down to it, the whole process and price tag can feel overwhelming. But with the correct information it doesn’t have to. No two renovations are ever the same.
Talk to your Edmonton Smyth Stolarz contractor to get an accurate quote.

Q: Do I need a permit to develop my basement in Edmonton?


Yes, because there are a number of reasons why you need a permit for your basement renovation project, which include:

  • Any changes to the exterior finish material of your house
  • Adding or changing the size of a window or exterior door
  • Building or finishing an internal living/recreation room, bedroom or bathroom AND Basement room
  • Repairs necessitated due to fire or flood damage
  • Any structural changes to your property
  • Addition or changes to electrical
  • Addition or changes to plumbing

Q: Where do I start to remodel my house?


The kitchen or bathroom is the best part of your home to remodel first. Renovating these rooms offer the best return on investment. Because kitchens and bathrooms show their age earlier than a bedroom or living room would. Upgrading these spaces as they begin to look dated offers the best appeal for the money.

Q: What comes first in a home renovation?


Foundation or structural work is the best place to start a renovation project. Starting off with a solid foundation to invest upon makes the most sense. The aesthetics of a home can always be changed but improvements within the walls are not so easy.

Q: What is the difference between renovation and remodeling?


Renovation refers to anything from repainting and refacing, to installing new light fixtures, to adding other finishes and fixtures. So, the original design is never dramatically altered but is simply updated.  However, if you take on a project that completely transforms the layout, structure, and style of your room, you are remodeling the look and layout of its space, not merely updating.

Q: What is considered a home renovation?


Renovation means to restore or repair. A home renovation can be done to make a room more attractive, but it also adds a bit of your own personality.  So, repainting your kitchen and replacing the appliances and cabinets is considered a home renovation.

Q: Is renovating a house worth it?


If you plan to stay in your home for five years or more, invest what you can afford for the house’s look and upgrades you want. If you’re planning to sell, take a different approach and focus on getting back the maximum return on your investment. A large renovation to your home can get a 70% return on investment.

Q: What is full renovation?


A full renovation entails the updating and improving of an entire home. Full home renovations can include exterior and interior improvements. A full home renovation can take an older dated home and make it new again.

Q: What questions should I ask my potential renovation contractor?


There are some important questions you should ask before you hire someone to renovate your home, and they include:

  • Explore their background, and how much experience they have with this kind of work?
  • Is your company fully insured?
  • What’s a realistic project timeline?
  • Will you take care of building permits?
  • Will you be working solely on my project?

Q: How do I estimate renovation costs?


 To get an understanding of what you can expect your renovation budget to be, you can look at your home in its entirety. Realistically, you shouldn’t need to budget more than 10-15 percent of your home’s  full value on a single room. Spending more, the renovation will not proportionally add to the  resale value of your home.

Q: What renovation adds the most value?


Because kitchens and bathrooms don’t age as well as other rooms in your home and because these rooms tend to look dated before other parts of your house, renovating the kitchen or bathroom will add the most value.