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Edmonton Basement Development

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Edmonton Basement renovations give Edmonton’s homes an entirely new lease of life, as they offer the opportunity for spectacular spaces that your house’s original structure up above often doesn’t have the natural space to accommodate.

An unfinished basement has endless possibilities; this dark empty space is full of transformational possibilities. And even a finished basement has the potential for further renovations.  Maybe you’re thinking of creating a playroom for the kids. What about a family room? How about that dream bathroom or bedroom? Or perhaps you’d like to install an entertainment system and bar for when you have your friends around on a Friday night? You may even be interested in converting a portion of your basement into a rental suite to generate a little extra income. We have endless ideas when it comes to Edmonton Basement Development.

If you are unsure of how you’d like to renovate your basement space, don’t worry. When it comes to basement renovation, the options are limitless, and with a little bit of professional support from basement contractors like us, you can have a fantastic job done on your basement, which will be the envy of all your friends!

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Edmonton Basement Renovations

You won’t be alone if your Edmonton basement is only a little more than a concrete floor, furnace, a hot water tank, some dust and the occasional spider’s web.

When you are converting a basement into a living space with a renovation company such as Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd in Edmonton, it can add great value to your property and is an easy way to increase the size and value of your property without having to move.

Basements have their own challenges when renovating when compared to other areas of the home. And is why you need the professionals when it comes to basement renovations in Edmonton. Concrete flooring, main floor HVAC routing, insufficient plumbing and electrical rough in, low ceiling heights, very little natural light and inaccessibility, can all present challenges when designing your ideal space. Rest easy at Smyth Stolarz there isn’t much that we’ve not faced before.

If you are considering basement finishing so you can use it for everyday living, consult an expert, a basement renovation, in Edmonton can be a great addition to your property as they:

  •     Create extra space
  •     Provide additional living space
  •     Add value to your home
  •     Maximize the potential to your property
  •     Can provide you with additional income
Unfinished walkout basement before development
Walls are framed and framed and permits are pulled
basement contractors have completed framing
basement finishing and drywalled and taped
edmonton basement development as a completed project
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Quality Basement Development & Premium Craftsmanship

To take your basement development from conception to completion, you should first contact an experienced home renovation contractor for a free estimate – whatever your project.

Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd in Edmonton can handle the entire project from start to finish. Our process offers our clients a  hassle free and turn key renovation service. We can even incorporate features in your new basement like kitchens, living rooms, wet bars, guest rooms and home cinemas.

Providing you with all plumbing, electrical services, wall work and all the finishing touches to make your new living space perfect!

It is only natural you would seek high-quality contractors to undertake such diverse ideas. So, it is important to choose contractors with plenty of experience in this field, as your project isn’t your standard run-of-the-mill retrofit. Every renovation has it’s surprises and an experienced contractor knows just what to do when these situations arise.

Unique issues will show up in every basement project and many contractors find these problems beyond their remit; however, Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd in Edmonton are experts in basement renovations. Whether it’s adding/moving utilities, resolving structural issues or whatever we may encounter, Smyth Stolarz can handle it all, the right way.

Successful basement renovations require very specific construction knowledge as well as design expertise. So, to really maximise the potential of your finished basement space, you need a professional team like us, who are familiar with the challenges and possibilities that can come with a basement project.

With our stellar services such as basement planning, development, waterproofing, insulating or foundation repair, there is simply no basement renovation project in Edmonton that we can’t take on.

Because Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd is the leader in the field of Edmonton residential basement renovations, with over a decade of in-house design and construction, our team has been working hard in delivering basement renovations for our Edmonton clients, making us one of the longest established basement renovation companies in the region

Reliable Basement Contractors & Project Peace of Mind

Working with Smyth Stolarz gives you access to far more than a reliable basement contractor; it is the expertise in creating valuable and enjoyable spaces that our customers value the most. We tailor-make every room to our client’s exact requirements.

We’ve constructed numerous media rooms, games rooms, guest suites, gyms, kitchenettes, saunas and wine cellars. And, our expert understanding of all types of homes allows us to deliver highly crafted basement renovations that flow from your existing home to your new basement while enhancing the charm and character of your home.

For many people a renovated basement can become a favorite part of the home. Whatever the use, the basement is often reserved for whatever we love doing most. The possibilities are endless.

Our team is made up of hard-working and dedicated basement renovation contractors who believe in using high-quality materials and delivering great Edmonton home renovation work that’s designed explicitly for our client’s. Because our business is focused on client satisfaction we aim to provide premium craftsmanship at incredible value.


Things To Know When Considering Basement Renovation Contractors

Q: How much does it cost to renovate a basement Edmonton?

Costs of basement renovations can vary greatly depending on the size and build quality of the project. On average homeowners can expect to pay $37 – $59 per square foot depending on material quality and customizations.

Q: Do I need a permit to develop my basement in Edmonton?

Yes, in Edmonton building permits are required if you are building or finishing a living/recreation room, bedroom or bathroom. In addition to needing permits, inspections will also be required at various stages of the project.

Q: How long does a basement renovation take?

Small basements take about 30 days to finish where larger more involved projects can take up to 90 days.

Q: How much does a finished basement add to home value?

Anytime additional living space is added to a home the value of that home increases. In real estate the rule of thumb is that 70 – 75% of your renovation investment will be retained. For example if you spend $50000 developing your basement the value of your home will increase by roughly $37000.

Q: What is developed basement vs Basement Renovation?

Where basement development is the finishing of an unfinished basement, renovations are the upgrading or remodel of an already finished basement.

Q: What rooms should I put in my basement?

While increasing living space, basement remodeling offers the opportunity for homeowners to add feature rooms to their home. Wet bars, home theaters, wine cellars, home gyms and libraries are popular rooms to include in a basement renovation.

Q: Does adding a bedroom in the basement add value?

In June of 2021 in Edmonton the average price of a home was higher by $120000 because there was an additional bedroom.

Q: What makes a basement bedroom legal?

Basements have several safety code requirements. All bedrooms must be on a circuit with an arc fault circuit breaker. And basement bedroom windows must have an egress window with an unobstructed opening to allow for escape in the event of emergency.