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What does your garage mean to you? Is it the place where that long-lost HDMI cable disappeared three years ago. Or where that broken tennis racket has lain to rest in its final state of demise? This does not have to be the case, instead you could create revenue as well as add an impressive new feature that will make your garage something to be admired.

Within your garage there is potential that will exceed just being a profitable long-term investment. Building a garage suite will grant you an additional living space without sacrificing the functionality of a garage. An Edmonton Garage suite, normally takes the form of a self-contained extension that includes a kitchen, bathroom facilities and living space, that are separate from the main property. By creating a livable suite above your garage you can greatly expand your properties potential while giving up very little. Because a garage suite takes advantage of the space above your garage, no additional square footage of the existing lot is lost.

In Edmonton garage suites are a version of an infill development that directly promotes social, environmental, and economic sustainability for the community they reside in. They allow homeowners to create an internal housing construction that’s appealing to renters. More infill developments creates affordable living space in the core of the city, rather than residents having to look out to surrounding areas.

Any substantial investment can be daunting for any homeowner, especially with something as sizable as a garage. Still, in Edmonton, the finished result will surpass the investment quickly once its earning potential is realised. Contact us at Smyth Stolarz Construction to see if building a garage suite is right for you and your property. Each Edmonton Garage Suite construction follows a meticulously crafted process. Our experience in constructing garage suites in Edmonton has made Smyth Stolarz Construction an industry leader, contact us to learn more.

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Transforming Your Garage or Building New

Firstly, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before undergoing such a project:

What potential do you envision for your current Garage living space? How do you want it to look? How can you best use this space? What are the likely budgetary requirements for your ideas? Garage suite living is resembling of that of apartment living. The rooms you’ll have the space for will be similar to that of an apartment or condominium. Consider where you feel the best layout for these room will be:

  • Full kitchen
  • Living Room (open floor plan)
  • Offices/work space
  • Full bathroom
  • ½ Bath (if room permits)

Are you planning to build a new garage with a suite or maybe you are planning to remodel an existing garage. It is important to keep in mind that existing garage structures and foundations may not have significant load capacity to support a second story with a living space. Sometimes existing garages need to be torn down to allow for the construction of a Garage Suite to be built. Because most garage construction is fairly simple the additional cost is worthwhile to create the additional living space.

There are many questions that homeowners can have surrounding Garage Suite construction. Contact us, we’re happy to help, we offer free consultations for Garage Suite construction. Because of our experience with these projects we can answer the many questions that you may have. Contact us today.

Westmount property before laneway home construction begins
Excavator demolishing existing garage suite
New grade beam for laneway home foundation
Steel Bean Installation during suite construction
Completed Garage Suite in West Edmonton

So why would you want to invest in a Garage Suite?

Firstly, there’s the question of whether such an investment can be profitable, or add value to your property. The answer is simple. These suites offer great appeal to anyone looking for cost effective apartment style without having to live in an apartment or condo. 

Using the space above your garage as a rentable room has a wonderful appeal to renters. It can be beneficial in monetary terms for you as a homeowner, but also in knowing you could provide someone with affordable and conveniently located housing. Investing in a garage suite is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and that of potential renters.

So why Smyth Stolarz Construction for Garage Suites?

Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd. is a client focus company dedicated to professionalism and the highest of industry standards. We go above and beyond for our clients. Smyth Stolarz Construction was built on a long history of a satisfied clientele. This is from being completely open and upfront about every stage of the building process. From budgeting to design- all estimates are individually broken down, and all budget allowances & building draws are well defined. This helps to remove the uncertainty for customers during such a large project. When investing in large projects such as a Garage Suite construction, homeowners need to trust that their contractor of choice can successfully manage the whole build from beginning to end. Trust in our experience at Smyth Stolarz Construction and contact us today for a free consultation for your new Garage Suite.


Things To Know About Edmonton Garage Suites

Q: What is a garage suite?

A garage suite is an apartment style living space built above a garage. However the City of Edmonton has classified all similar type detached suites as Garden Suites even if they incorporate a garage.

Q: How big can a garage suite be in Edmonton?

A garage suite can have a total floor area of 1,399 square feet, with the total amount including the garage space.

Q: How much does it cost to build a garage suite in Edmonton?

Homeowners can expect the cost of a Garage Suite to start around $200,000. A great value when considering the added value a garage suite adds to the property and the potential to generate revenue.

Q: Can I rent out a garage suite in Edmonton?

The City of Edmonton recognizes a garage suite as a legal suite that can be rented out and has its own living, cooking, sleeping and sanitary facilities. You are permitted to rent out a garage suite so long as it conforms to the City of Edmonton’s specific development codes that pertain to garage or garden suites.

Q: What is an apartment over a garage called?

A garage with an apartment built either within the walls or above the garage is simply called a garage suite. Within the City of Edmonton a garage suite is referred to as a Garden Suite in regard to the permitting and development terminology.

Q: Can I build an apartment over my garage?

As of February 2021 the City of Edmonton has removed many of the restrictions pertaining to garage suite construction and permitting. These changes have made it easier for property owners to build garage suites. To build an apartment style suite over the garage your development must follow these requirements:

  • Does not exceed max height restrictions. Height restrictions are dependant on roof style, neighbourhood zoning and if your home has a back lane
  • Does not exceed maximum building size restrictions. Building size is dependent on the total footprint of your building that is calculated as a percentage of your property’s overall size. Allowable footprint percentages vary depending on the zoning of where you are. No garage suite is permitted to exceed a total size of 130 square metres.
  • Must meet the minimum setback from the property line. This distance varies on the orientation and layout of your property.
  • A two story garage suite must conform to all privacy and overlook requirements.Neighbouring residence must be notified prior to the construction of the garage suite.

If construction of your garage suite meets these city requirements then you will be permitted to build a garage suite on your property.

Q: Can I build on top of my detached garage?

In the City of Edmonton you are permitted to build a two story garage suite with an apartment style living space above your garage.