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Who’s permitted to have a Garden Suite?

Make Living Better

In order to have an Edmonton garden suite, you must meet certain property specifications and have the necessary and required space to build one correctly. If your home is located in a mature or core neighborhood, requirements vary, so make sure you are following rules specific to your zone and neighborhood. Don’t know your zone? That’s okay Simply click here.

Once you have found that you live in a location that allows garden suites, you’ll need to begin the permitting process and submit detailed, professional drawings of your intended plans. We suggest, at this point, that you begin to look at contractors such as Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd. as the process can be overwhelming and nearly impossible without the proper support and guidance from someone who specializes in building and garden suites.

Following Edmonton City Bylaws for Garden Suites

The city of Edmonton has recently changed its bylaws, allowing more people the opportunity of building garden suites. There are many other city bylaws that go along with building a garden suite. Here, we have summarized a few of the main city Bylaws.

  • Planning and Design – You must submit a concept plan that professionally lays out everything you plan for your upcoming build. This plan will be meticulously reviewed and a decision as to whether you are ready for permits will come directly with the approval of your submitted plans. 
  • Permit Application – The city holds pre-application meetings that are quite helpful in filling out the applications for building permits. Zoning, building regulations, and safety codes will be scrutinized at this stage. Additionally, if you are demolishing an existing structure such as a shed or garage, you will also need to submit a permit for that action. 
  • Speak with your neighbors as soon as possible! Your neighbors will be able to appeal your building of the garden suite. Remember, this process is disrupting for your neighbors, and they should be made aware of what’s happening throughout the planning stages before construction begins. 
  • Construction – make sure your crew follows their submitted plans and is courteous to neighbors around your home. 
  • Edmonton Garden suites are subject to multiple inspections before occupancy. The living space must meet requirements, and the building site must be legally what was stated on your permit applications. 
  • No one can move into garden suites in Edmonton until the owner receives the occupancy permit. 

Rental income and creating a detached in-law suite are the two main reasons residents have been improving and building on their Edmonton property. Legal suites must be within the specified square footage. Make sure throughout the process you are following all bylaws.

Keep Your Neighbors Informed

Backyard suites and garage suites are a significant change for neighbors, but the ability to earn a rental income is a big draw for many homeowners. The city of Edmonton has allowed neighboring residents to have their say when it comes to building garden and garage suites in Edmonton. Don’t get caught off guard. Keep your neighbors informed and create a living space that is agreeable to everyone. 

Garden suites in Edmonton do not have to be a reason for contention among neighbors. Regardless of your reasons for building a garden suite, a little respect goes a long way.