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Why Build a Garden Suite Edmonton?

Make Living Better

Garden Suites are a sustainable and somewhat simple living space, typically designed to make a bit of income off your property. They provide an extra living space separate from the main house or in a basement with its own entrance. This type of living space is becoming increasingly popular due to urban sprawl and the potential for homeowners to earn rental income.  As long as your property has the space and you are willing to put in the work, there are endless possibilities and endless decisions to be made. The main benefit to owning a garden suite is that it can be rented out or used by family members or friends without interrupting your daily life.

When thinking about who potential renters will be for your garden suite by Smyth Stolarz, consider the age group you are targeting and their potential needs. All spaces will need a proper living space with a dedicated kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area of some sort. If the space is small, many opt for a Murphy bed or a comfortable fold-out couch to provide a studio feel while providing needed living areas. If the space is larger, 1-2 bedrooms may be able to be added into the design as well. 

Process of Creating a Garden Suite Edmonton

Once the building site has been chosen, the planning and permitting stages will begin. Building permits must be pulled in order to have legal garden suites in Edmonton. Most commonly, an Edmonton garden suite is created in spaces that already exist such as:

  • Attached Garage space (garage suite)
  • Detached Garage space (garage suite)
  • Basement suite in the primary home with its own entry
  • A detached smaller house or tiny home in the backyard, typically created from an existing barn or shed space
  • A space above the garage 
  • Second Floor Space in the primary home with its own entry


Taking on the development of such a space can be overwhelming, but it can also be fun and exciting, especially when construction begins. To avoid delays, you will want to make sure you have spoken to your neighbors. They have the right to appeal your decision to build your garden suite, so having them on your side will avoid frustration and holdups. When designing or building a garden suite, it is important to factor in building regulations, square footage, lot size, and site conditions. If the suite is being created specifically to be used as an in law suite, the needs of aging parents must be considered. With backyard suites, entryways and safety lighting must be taken into consideration. 

Where Do You Start When Building a Garden Suite?

To keep project costs low, but create a beautiful and functional living space, plan and work closely with a building contractor. This may seem like it will cost a bit of money, and honestly, depending on your buildout, it might. However, once your property has been finished and is in high demand, you will be most likely collecting rental income. Until the buildout has been paid off, many owners simply use much of the rental income to offset the cost of the build. 

Start your project with a bit of imagination and fun while keeping city requirements in mind. Discuss needs with others and share your design ideas with friends and family. Attend city pre-application meetings. Listen to suggestions and add what you can to make your Edmonton property one that will be desired for years!