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Home Office Ideas

Home Office Renovation Ideas

Working remotely is here to stay and with it the needs of the home office have become a priority. Home office renovations are still popular in 2023, as remote work has become prevalent in recent years. With more people working from home, many people seek to improve their home office setups to increase productivity, comfort, and create an overall better work environment.

When you renovate your home to create a home office, it makes sense to create an office space that’s conducive to your work style. Think about your current work space and what you’d like to change to make it better for your permanent office. Many improvements can be made to a home office, depending on your individual requirements and tastes.

Summary :
  • Office Lighting
  • Think about Furniture
  • Custom Storage Solutions
  • Technology
  • Soundproofing

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Office Lighting

Lighting is crucial in a home office to reduce eye strain and create a comfortable work environment. During your renovation, consider adding electrical, windows, or skylights to allow for a mix of natural and ambient lighting in your workspace. For example, a pendant light can provide ambient lighting over a workspace and allow for reading or working with documents, while a skylight or fibre optic light can provide natural light, which can improve mood and productivity. When planning your renovation, think about your office layout. This will help plan where electrical junctions and natural lighting elements need to be placed.

Pendant lights and windows create perfect lighting for an Edmonton home office.
Office furniture fits perfect into a framed nook.

Think About Furniture Early On

During the planning of your office renovation, you will also want to consider the furniture that your office space will need to accommodate. PLanning furniture is an important step in any office renovation project.

The most important thing to consider is the size and shape of the space. Before you begin selecting furniture, you need to understand the dimensions of your office space. Measure the space and create a floor plan, taking into account any doors, windows, or obstacles that may affect furniture placement. It is beneficial to think about this early in the planning stage because an office renovation is the only opportunity to move, add, or remove walls, partitions, doors, and windows.

Consider the workflow of your office when planning your layout. Where do you need workstations, collaborative spaces, and meeting areas? Make sure the furniture supports the workflow and is easy to move around to accommodate different work activities.

During the renovation, you should consider how the furniture will fit into the new space. Make sure to leave enough space for furniture to be placed comfortably and that there are appropriate outlets or access points for any technology needed in the space. Also, consider how the furniture will be delivered and assembled, as this can impact the timeline and budget of the renovation project.

Custom Storage Solutions

A well-organised workspace is essential for productivity. Cabinets and shelves built into your home office help keep important documents, books, and supplies organised and within reach. Consider building filing cabinets to help you keep track of important paperwork and reduce clutter. The craftsmen at Smyth Stolarz Construction can design and custom build storage solutions out of wood and cabinetry to meet your personal needs for your home office.

Custom built office shelves
Office printers and computers

Plan for your Technology

During your renovation, make sure your new office space has the appropriate electrical and network infrastructure for all of the office equipment and devices.Ensure that adequate power outlets to support desktop computers, printers, charging ports, and lighting are planned for and roughed in.
Think about how many devices need to be charged or plugged in, as well as where the outlets are in relation to your workspace. Working with Smyth Stolarz Construction, we will help ensure the correct electrical layout and electrical services are provided for your office and conform to the applicable Alberta Building Codes.

Installing network and phone lines may be necessary if you want a dependable internet connection or landline phone.
For a dependable and fast WiFi connection, which is necessary for video conference calls, your business router will need a nearby network connection. Our electricians can run these lines during your office renovation and place them in the best location.


Working remotely means many meetings take place over video conference calls. Having a quiet space free of outside noises is very important when communicating with your team through online devices. Putting soundproofing insulation in the walls of your home office will do this. Also, having a soundproof office space should be considered when sensitive information is shared during your meetings. Keeping the sound in your office can also be as important as keeping unwanted sounds out. There are several good soundproofing products available, talk to us at Smyth Stolarz Construction if you’d like to know more about adding soundproofing to your office.

Smyth Stolarz tradesperson installing soundproof insulation in an Edmonton Home Office

A Home Office Renovation from
Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd.

Remember to prioritise your needs and preferences when deciding which home office renovations to undertake. You want to create a space that is comfortable, organised, and conducive to productivity. If you have questions regarding a new home office renovation, contact Smyth Stolarz Construction today. The skilled craftsmen at Smyth Stolarz have a lot of experience in the planning and design of home offices. Contact us today.