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Home Renovations for Energy Efficiency

Renovating Your Home for Better Efficiency

When completing home renovations, it is important to consider all factors that make a renovation worthwhile. From aesthetic appeal to changing the layout of a home to make it more livable, people have a variety of reasons they choose to renovate a given location. One under-considered benefit of home renovation is that it is an opportunity to make your home or business much more energy efficient. Whether looking into completing a basement renovation or going all in with complete home renovations, having a building under construction provides the perfect opportunity to evaluate and update energy saving areas. You may be looking for renovations targeted at increasing energy efficiency for your home or business. 

There are many things to consider when choosing to renovate for energy efficiency. What are the energy drains of a home, and what types of home renovations increase energy efficiency? At Smyth Stolarz, our team is available to come to your home to evaluate areas in which improvements may be made to increase energy efficiency. Our experienced contractors will provide you with an honest evaluation of your home’s current energy efficiency and list ways in which your home renovation can improve upon that evaluation.

Summary :
  • What are the energy drains of a home?
  • What types of home renovations increase energy efficiency?

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What are the energy drains of a home?

All home renovation companies will tell you that all homes lose energy in one area or another. After all, energy is lost every time a door is opened or closed, and no home is perfect. There are, however, common areas to evaluate when looking at a house renovation targeted for energy efficiency. The main culprits to energy loss in a home or business are as follows:

Old Doors or Windows

Doors and windows must be fit properly and sealed. Older windows and doors tend to lose their perfect fitting due to the home shifting and the expansion and contraction of the building as it heats and cools over time. Getting new windows and doors can allow for a proper seal between the wall and the entry to reduce air intake.

New window installation
New insulation installed in Edmonton basement

Insulation Needing an Update

 Insulation in the attic and walls, unfortunately does not last forever but is designed to last a long time. While your current insulation may technically be doing the job, foam insulation is preferred to fill in all gaps and provide the heat and cold barrier homeowners want.

Drafty Basements

Flooring and insulation are typically subpar in older or unrenovated basements. Renovating a basement should include adding insulation and proper flooring to prevent temperature fluctuations.

Unfinished Edmonton basement
Silicone window sealant

Older Sealants

  • Resealing all areas around windows, doors, or any other entry point is recommended. 

Older, Inefficient Appliances

Appliances and lighting are culprits when it comes to energy efficiency. While planning your dream home, be sure to consider what appliances and lighting fixtures you plan to purchase for your renovation project.

Old kitchen appliances in need of replacement
Insulated ducting

Uninsulated Recessed Lighting or Ductwork

Recessed lighting looks great but needs a lot of room to release heat. Because the bases of these lights are in the attic, when unused, they become a perfect entry point for drafts. Don’t worry, they can be insulated with a product designed specifically for lighting, as can all ductwork throughout a home.

What types of home renovations increase energy efficiency?

The top renovations to improve energy efficiency include insulation services, new windows and doors, and resealing all entry points to the home. When working with Smyth Stolarz, you will be assigned a project manager to discuss options. Many clients are looking specifically for basement, kitchen, or bathroom renovation services without realizing they can optimize as they go. We use quality materials and provide a detailed estimate, creating the perfect energy-efficient space within your budget.

Previous clients will tell you that, at Smyth Stolarz, our process is as stress free as possible while taking every step to increase your energy efficiency while enhancing your space.

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