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Great Detached Garage
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Deciding to build a detached garage creates opportunities

Most people make the decision to build a detached garage so they have a place to park their car during the winter. But a detached garage is more than just a place to park your car; it’s an extension of your home that can be transformed into a versatile space. Whether you’re looking to increase your property’s value or create the ultimate workshop, these great detached garage construction ideas will inspire you to make the most of this valuable addition to your property. In this article, we’ll explore four key ideas: upgrading your foundation, floor drain installation, heated floors, and the potential for garage suites.

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Upgrade To A Screw Pile-Grade Beam

Traditionally, most garages are built on concrete aprons or on foundations with concrete footings. Garages built using these methods tend to develop problems with shifting and cracking of the concrete. The foundation of any building is crucial, and for detached garages, screw pile grade beams are a fantastic choice. Screw piles are steel shafts with helical blades that are mechanically twisted into the ground. These beams provide a stable and durable foundation, particularly in areas with challenging soil conditions. Adding a screw pile foundation under the grade beam of your new garage is a low-cost upgrade that will greatly increase the durability and longevity of your detached garage.

Advantages of screw pile-grade beams vs. concrete

  • Low-cost installation: Screw piles can be installed in a matter of hours, reducing construction time.
  • Stability: They provide excellent stability and can withstand shifting soil conditions and frost heaving.
  • Minimal environmental impact: Screw piles disturb the soil less than traditional foundations, making them an eco-friendly choice.
  • Cost-effective: Overall, they tend to be more cost-effective than other foundation options.
Garage Floor Drain

Add A Garage Floor Drain When Building

Adding a floor drain to your detached garage can be a game-changer, especially if you plan to use the space for various activities. A floor drain helps manage water and prevent puddles, which can be a common issue in garages, especially during the long winter season when snow from the road collects on your car and melts inside your garage. The cheapest and easiest time to put a floor drain in a garage is before it has been constructed. Adding a drain later on, after your garage has been built, will cost exponentially more.

Having a drain in your garage floor prevents water damage to your belongings, the garage’s concrete floor, and the structure itself. Cleaning the garage as well as the other yard equipment becomes incredibly easy. It’s hassle-free, as you can simply hose down things like lawnmowers, bicycles, and tools and let the water drain away. Also, you can work on projects without worrying about mess and water buildup.

Radiant In-Floor Heating

Imagine stepping into your garage on a cold winter morning and finding the floor pleasantly warm under your feet. Think about working on your car, where you have to lay on your back but the floor is warm. Adding heated floors to your detached garage turns it into a comfortable and functional space year-round. In comparison to garage heaters or forced-air alternatives, having a heated floor is a costly upgrade. However, heated floors are far cheaper to have built into a new garage construction than trying to add this feature to an already-built garage with an existing concrete floor.

Having heated floors in your detached garage has many great benefits. The greatest of which is comfort, which in a garage with a heated floor is far greater than a conventional heating option. If you happen to be someone who enjoys spending lots of time working on projects inside your garage during the cold months, you are well aware of how a cold concrete floor feels on your feet. A heated floor completely improves the comfort inside a cold garage.

There is also better protection for your car. Having a heated floor warms the bottom of your vehicle and lets the accumulated moisture melt, drip off, and dry out. Having a space where built-up snow and moisture can dry off reduces the opportunity for corrosion that prematurely ages the metal parts of your car. Radiant floor heating systems are energy-efficient and can be zoned for more control over heating specific areas.

Pipe for a radiant heated floor prior to pouring
A garden suite built in Westmount area by Smyth Stolarz Construction

Add a Garage or Garden Suite

Don’t just build a regular detached garage; instead, make your new garage a valuable addition to your property by upgrading it into a garage suite. A garage suite is essentially a self-contained living space that can be used for guests, extended family, or, more importantly, as a rental unit.

Because of the increased weight of a suite built above a garage, most garages need to be torn down and rebuilt before adding the garden suite above. Skip this hassle and added cost by deciding to add a garage suite right away. When first deciding to build your garage, keep this in mind. Despite a far greater increase in the cost of building a garage or garden suite vs. a typical garage, the benefits are worth considering.

The investment in building a suite above or within your detached garage can easily generate additional revenue for homeowners. There is a housing shortage in Edmonton right now, and many people are looking for cost-effective rental options. Building a garage suite when first constructing your garage can achieve this, and you will end up with a fast and reliable return on your initial investment. Additionally, garage suites can significantly increase your property’s value and appeal to potential buyers. Once the space has been built, the value is great. Use it as a guest house, home office, or a dedicated space for older children or relatives. Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd. specialises in garage and garden suite construction and has built many of these units thus far. If you wish to get ahead of the game and gain long-term benefits with a garden suite, contact us today.

Upgrade Your New Garage Built with Smyth Stolarz

Building a detached garage presents a unique opportunity to enhance your property’s functionality and value. Consider incorporating screw pile grade beams for a longer-lasting, stable foundation, a floor drain for easy maintenance and convenience, heated floors for year-round comfort, and the potential for a garage suite to maximise your investment. With these great detached garage construction ideas from Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd., you can create a space that adds both convenience and value to your home.