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Top Kitchen Trends for 2023

If you are looking for kitchen renovations Edmonton, you’ve come to the right place! Many want to give a new look and feel to their outdated kitchen but worry about time, cost, and who to hire for the job. At Smyth Stolarz, we understand that renovation is the best way to breathe life into your old home. The kitchen is the heart of your home and deserves special treatment. Whether you are looking for a modern or more traditional design, we understand that kitchen design is important. As Alberta’s leading residential construction and renovation company, at Smyth Stolarz, we have an in-house design team that offers reliable and affordable kitchen renovations throughout Edmonton. Besides increasing the functionality and feel of your kitchen, renovating your kitchen can boost your property’s value between 75% to 100% of your spending.

At Smyth Stolarz, we offer comprehensive renovation services with professional work and planning. From full home renovations to partial kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations, connect with us for fast and professional renovation services in Edmonton. Call (780) 263-7865 or request a free on-site estimate for kitchen renovations Edmonton.

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  • Breathe Life Into Your Kitchen With Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services
  • Innovative Kitchen Trends & Features That Will Never Fade
  • Why Choose Smyth Stolarz For Kitchen Renovation Edmonton

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Breathe Life Into Your Kitchen With Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services

Be it small or large, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. In fact, a home is incomplete without a kitchen. Besides cooking meals, the kitchen is significant because it gives your house focus. Many call it the heart of the household. Is it time for an update? At Smyth Stolarz, we strive to give your kitchen a fresh look. Being among the best kitchen remodeling contractors, we offer complete kitchen renovation services, from complete redesigns to updating and installing new kitchen cabinets. Below are the latest kitchen renovation trends that seem to withstand the test of time. Need a custom kitchen renovation Edmonton? Call our experts now or request a free kitchen remodeling estimate online.

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Innovative Kitchen Trends & Features That Will Never Fade

Homeowners throughout Edmonton, Alberta, have been requesting these exciting and modern kitchen renovation ideas. If you are looking for kitchen remodeling services, look at these trends that you can try.

Concealed Kitchen

From a contemporary look to modular functions, you will get a mix of both worlds with this design. Concealed kitchens are hidden behind doors and are typically smaller than the average kitchen. Many install these kitchens in small apartment spaces, basement areas, and in-law suites. 

Handleless Drawers And Doors

While many like different handle styles, handleless drawers, and doors leave the kitchen feeling more open. Additionally, the drawers will hold the user’s attention for a little longer by combining soft close and European hinges.

Earth And Stone Theme Will Never Go Out

Enjoy the look and feel of earthy textures like stained concrete kitchen countertops or stone countertops such as marble and granite paired with simple open shelving designs or sleek custom cabinets.

Open And Airy Kitchen Designs

Give your kitchen a light and bright look with big windows or sunlights paired with cabinets that create more space and improve the functionality of the space.

Whether you want either of the mentioned designs incorporated into your kitchen or have something new in your mind, call us now. We will assign a dedicated project manager to take care of all your residential construction needs throughout the entire process.

Why Choose Smyth Stolarz For Kitchen Renovation Edmonton

Are you searching for modern yet affordable kitchen renovations Edmonton? Whether a small or big project, you can count on Smyth Stolarz for quality work. We have years of experience, the right tools to do the job well, and a knowledgeable crew of workers ready to turn your dream kitchen into reality. Over the years, we have helped the Edmonton community with reliable deck building, bathrooms, interior renovations of all types, and garden suites.  We are Edmonton’s top choice for kitchen renovation and design. 

From tools and technology to expertise, we have everything to give your kitchen the desired look and feel. Check out the latest design portfolio or connect with experts to discuss your kitchen renovation project.

Trust Experts At Smyth Stolarz For Fast and Affordable Kitchen Renovations Edmonton

At Smyth Stolarz, we provide kitchen renovation designs that will change the whole feel of your home. Our kitchen remodel contractors are licensed, skilled, and reliable. We are the best kitchen remodel contractors in Edmonton. Call today for a quote: (780) 263-7865.