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Safeguard Your Edmonton Home From Power Shortages Amid The Winter Freeze

Strengthening Your Edmonton Home Against Power Shortages and the Cold Snap

Edmonton’s winters are notorious for their harsh conditions, and the challenges posed by freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall are a concern for homeowners. Among these challenges, the threat of power shortages during winter storms can be particularly daunting. In this article, we’ll explore a couple tips to safeguard your Edmonton home from power shortages amid the winter freeze, focusing on incorporating these changes into your home renovation for added benefits in emergency situations.

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Backup Power for Essential Appliances

When the power goes out during a winter storm in Alberta, maintaining a warm and habitable home becomes essential to sustaining life. Installing a generator switch can be a game-changer that allows you to supply backup power from a gas or diesel generator to appliances like the furnace.

What Is A Generator Transfer Switch?

A generator switch, or transfer switch, allows for backup power from a generator to be plugged in to your home’s electrical service panel. In the event of a power outage, the switch either manually or automatically transfers the electrical load from critical appliances to a backup generator, which can keep your home heated and prevent pipes from freezing.

  • Furnace Operation: Edmonton’s winters demand a reliable heating system. The generator switch ensures your furnace remains operational during power outages, preventing discomfort and potential hazards associated with a cold home.
  • Preserving Food: With a generator switch, your refrigerator stays powered, preventing food spoilage. This not only saves money by preserving groceries but also ensures access to essential supplies during a winter storm.
  • Security and Lighting: A generator switch can be configured to power specific lighting circuits and security systems, enhancing safety during power outages. Maintaining visibility and security is crucial, especially during the long, dark nights of winter.

Incorporating a Generator Switch into Home Renovation

When planning a home renovation, integrating a generator transfer switch into your electrical system is a forward-thinking move. The installation of a transfer switch in Edmonton must be done under an electrical permit by a qualified electrician. A transfer switch usually requires the addition of another electrical service panel in your home that is tied into your existing panel. Having this work done during a home renovation where electricians and electrical permits are already required will provide cost savings. This not only adds value to your home but also positions it as a resilient and winter-ready abode.

Install a wood-burning stove or fireplace as a source of backup heat

When the power goes out during the winter, having an alternative source of heat is crucial for both comfort and safety. Installing a wood-burning stove or fireplace provides a reliable backup heat source that doesn’t rely on electricity. Though most gas fireplaces will work without electricity, some are equipped with pilot ignition systems or operate blowers that will not work during a power failure. This is where, again, having a backup power source or an alternate power source like wood is beneficial.

The Appeal of Wood-Burning Heat

  • Independence from the Grid: Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces operate independently of the electrical grid. During power outages, you can rely on these sources to keep your home warm and cozy.
  • Ambiance and Comfort: Beyond practicality, a wood-burning stove or fireplace adds a touch of warmth and ambiance to your home. Enjoying the crackling sound of burning wood can turn a winter power outage into a memorable and comforting experience.
  • Cooking Capability: Some wood-burning stoves come with cooking surfaces, allowing you to prepare meals even when the kitchen appliances are out of commission due to a power outage.

Incorporating a Wood-Burning Stove or Fireplace into Home Renovation

Adding a wood-burning stove or fireplace to your home can be a complicated process, especially if your home was never originally designed to have one. There are many safety concerns when installing a fireplace. The Alberta Building Code has specific requirements that need to be met when installing a fireplace, be it gas or wood-burning. Steel liners, enclosures, chimneys, and fireplace mantles are all less invasive to construct during a home renovation project.

Ask About Adding Resilience to Your Home

As winter approaches, fortifying your Edmonton home against power shortages is crucial for emergency situations. If you’re in the planning phase or considering a home renovation from Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd., be sure to ask about ways to have these safeguards built in. Incorporating a generator switch and installing a wood-burning stove or gas fireplace are proactive steps that can be seamlessly integrated into a home renovation project. These changes enhance the functionality of your home, contributing to increased property value, energy efficiency, and overall comfort during challenging times. Be prepared for the unexpected winter challenges and ensure that your home is a resilient sanctuary against the cold and power shortages.