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Improve Your Home's Exterior During a full Renovation Project

Yes, doing a full home renovation is a great opportunity to improve the exterior of your home. The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they visit, and it’s also the first line of defence against the elements. Updating the exterior can also increase the value of your home, improve energy efficiency, and enhance curb appeal.

Some exterior improvements that you should consider as part of your home renovation:

  1. Siding replacement: New siding can transform the look of your home, and it also improves energy efficiency.
  2. Window replacement: New windows can improve the appearance of your home, and they can also help you save money on heating and cooling costs.
  3. Roof replacement: A new roof can protect your home from water damage, and it can also improve the overall look of your home.

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Exterior Siding Replacement

There are various factors to consider when upgrading a home’s exterior siding to guarantee a successful renovation.

Depending on the type of material selected, the size of the home, and the project’s complexity, the cost of the siding you choose will vary significantly. Beginning with a reasonable budget for the project is crucial, as is accounting for any unforeseen expenses. As siding costs can vary a great deal, knowing your budget first will help you determine your viable options.

In various climates, siding styles perform differently. For instance, vinyl siding can break in extremely low temperatures, but wood siding may be subject to decay in humid or rainy areas. While choosing a siding material, take the weather conditions experienced in the Edmonton region into account. In Edmonton, durability must be taken into consideration. A home’s exterior siding protects a home’s walls from extreme weather and storms, which can commonly occur here.

The type of siding you select might be influenced by the design of your house. Some architectural styles suit some siding materials better than others.

More upkeep is needed for some siding materials than for others. For instance, vinyl siding requires little upkeep, whereas wood siding may require periodic repainting or staining. When choosing a siding material, take into account the level of maintenance you are willing to conduct.

Your home’s energy efficiency may be affected by the siding. To lower heating and cooling expenditures, choose siding materials with excellent insulation values.

You can make sure that your exterior siding replacement job is successful and enhances the appearance and functionality of your home by taking these elements into account and working with Smyth Stolarz Construction.

Upgrade Your Windows

In Edmonton, Alberta, where the winters are very cold and the summers are hot, it’s important to choose windows that are specifically designed for these extreme temperature changes. Here are some window options that are well-suited for this climate:

Triple-pane windows have multiple layers of glass with an insulating gas in between, which helps to keep the cold air out in the winter and the hot air out in the summer. They can also help reduce noise pollution. Even though triple-pane glass is expensive, the energy savings from the better insulation of these windows pay for themselves. Windows are where most energy in a home is lost, so the return on investment on windows happens more quickly than most other renovation investments.

Glass with a special Low-E coating that reflects infrared light helps to keep heat inside your home during the winter and outside your home during the summer. This can also help reduce energy costs and improve the comfort of your home.

Material for window frames like vinyl windows is a popular choice for its durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency; it is also resistant to moisture and won’t rust or corrode over time. Comparitivley to fibreglass windows, which are a more durable and energy-efficient option. They are also more environmentally friendly than vinyl windows, as they can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

When selecting windows for your home in Edmonton, it’s important to consider your budget, energy efficiency needs, and the style of your home. It’s also a good idea to work with a professional like Smyth Stolarz Construction, who can help you select the right windows for your climate and provide expert installation.

A Roof Built for Edmonton

In Edmonton, where there are high winds, hail storms, and heavy snowfall, it’s important to choose a roofing material that is durable and can withstand these extreme weather conditions.

The most common and affordable roofing material is asphalt shingles. They are durable and fire-resistant, but can sometimes be prone to lifting and coming loose in high winds. As asphalt shingles age, the backing becomes less pliable and breaks as they lift in high winds. Homeowners can expect to get 15 to 20 years out of an asphalt shingle roof. They also come in a variety of colours and styles to match the look of your home. However, they may not be as resistant to hail damage as some other materials.

Metal roofing is the most durable and long-lasting option that can withstand high winds, hail, and heavy snowfall. It is also fire-resistant. Metal roofs come in a variety of styles and colours, including standing seam, corrugated, and metal shingles. The downside to metal roofing is that it can be quite loud during rain and isn’t the most aesthetic option.

An extremely durable and long-lasting option that can withstand high winds, hail, and heavy snowfall is slate. Slate roofing is fire-resistant and has a unique, natural look, making it the best-looking roofing option available. However, it can be very expensive and may not be suitable for all homes.

Tile roofing is a durable and fire-resistant option that can withstand high winds and heavy snowfall. It also has a unique and stylish look that can enhance the curb appeal of your home. However, it can be heavy and may not be suitable for all homes. Homes require reinforcement to the roof trusses in order to support the extra weight of tile.

Home Exterior Improvement Experts

When selecting exterior siding, windows or roofing material for your home in Edmonton, it’s important to consider the durability, resistance to extreme weather conditions, energy efficiency, and style of the material. Smyth Stolarz Construction is a renovation contractor in Edmonton who can help you choose the right exterior for your home and ensure proper installation.

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