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Building a Deck or Sunroom in Fall

Not Too Late for Fall Construction Projects

A deck is a place to entertain, chill with friends and family, or grab a serene moment for yourself. Whether you’re planning to enhance your property’s look or create a soothing space in which to spend quality time, deck building Edmonton can be an ideal solution. The deck building market has grown by 1.1 % per year between 2017 and 2022. Smyth Stolarz, a leading deck construction company, is a leading contributor to these figures. 

Whether it’s residential or commercial property, at Smyth Stolarz, we offer deck building Edmonton at affordable prices. Since decks are an excellent place for outdoor activities, we always ensure to build the highest quality decks for your property. Our team of professional deck builders is ready to create whatever style and layout you have imagined for your deck space. Our Edmonton deck builders provide you and your family with an outdoor space to gather on sunny afternoons and warm evenings. For inquiries, connect with our professional deck builders online or call (780) 263-7865.

Summary :
  • Enhance Your Property’s Look With Deck Building Edmonton 
  • Top Benefits Of Deck Building Installation 
  • Different Types Of Decking To Beautify Your Property 
  • Why Choose Smyth Stolarz For Your Next Deck Building Project?

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Enhance Your Property's Look With Deck Building Edmonton

Are you fed up with unattractive or unusable outdoor spaces? Maybe you are looking for creative ideas to enhance the look of your property. Decks can be an ideal way to bring new life to your property. Decks or patio covers are elevated wooden surfaces that aid in extending and beautifying the look of your home or business. Undoubtedly, a deck adds aesthetic appeal to your property and is a place where everyone from your family can accumulate for small gatherings. 

At Smyth Stolarz, we have a dedicated team of the best deck builders who can offer you exceptional deck building services at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking to improve your existing deck or want a new deck installation, we are here to build a dream deck of your choosing. Wood decking is excellent for your balconies or backyard as they make your space look attractive, but other materials are also available for your deck. Contact our deck builders to start the process and get a free estimate today.

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Top Benefits Of Deck Installation

What better way to take advantage of Edmonton’s splendid summers than by adding a deck to your home or commercial property? A custom deck is one of the most innovative options for modern homeowners. Here are the top advantages of building custom decks for your property,

  • Decks are an ideal outdoor space for entertainment.
  • If your property is on the smaller side and you want to add additional space and value, adding a custom deck will be the best decision. 
  • Composite decks are an option and are an ideal way to create more space on your property with little maintenance. 
  • Deck building is a fast process as a deck can be prepared in less than a day. 
  • Edmonton decks help you customize your lifestyle as you can spend quality time in nature. 


The benefits of deck building are endless. If you want to reap the benefits of Edmonton decks, we can help you customize and get decks from your choice and imagination. Further, we can help you pick the proper deck structure, the right decking products, wood colour, and other specifications. 

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Different Types Of Decking To Beautify Your Property

Are you wondering about the different decks available to install on your property? Well, it depends upon the size of your outdoor space and the type of decking you want. A list of different types of decks includes:

  • Composite decking – This type of decking is made with a mixture of wood fibers, plastics, and a small number of bonding agents. Composting decking is highly durable and requires less maintenance. 
  • Vinyl decking – Such decking is made with a chemical known as polyvinyl chloride. You need to wash it periodically to wash away dirt and dust, which makes it easier to maintain over time. 
  • Cedar decking – Cedar is a kind of wood that is highly durable and resistant to rotting, insect attacks, and decay. Cedar decking can last for about 10-15 years.

Smyth Stolarz is here to build your dream deck, whatever type of decking you choose to install on your residential or commercial property. Connect with our deck contractor to get ideal deck packages for your home or office. We ensure that you get the best services at competitive prices from our experts. 

Two tier deck built in Edmonton South
Completed deck project in Strathcona Edmonton

Why Choose Smyth Stolarz For Your Next Deck Building Project?

Are you searching for the best deck building company in Edmonton? Look no further than Smyth Stolarz. We’re a renowned construction company that has served the Edmonton community for over a decade. Our highly qualified team has extensive years of experience and knowledge in deck building and basement development projects. When expanding your outdoor living space, we become your ideal partner. You can trust our professionals for the highest quality services at affordable prices. 

Being the most reputable company, we always aim to serve our clients with exceptional services. Further, we guarantee that our decks can last throughout the years because we use materials of the highest quality. Our Edmonton deck builders have a passion for building quality and customized decks. We always treat our customers like family, thereby offering top-quality services. Our experts are trained and committed to delivering best-in-class services tailored to your needs. Request an appointment now or connect with a professional deck builder online.

Looking For Deck Building Edmonton? Count On Smyth Stolarz For Your Dream Deck.

Smyth Stolarz is a leading construction company offering exceptional deck-building services at competitive prices. We have a highly qualified team for building custom composite decks. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and best-in-class services at a fair price. Call (780) 263-7865 for quality services.