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7 Great Ideas For Basement Development Edmonton

7 Great Basement Design Ideas

Are you looking for basement renovation services? Being the best basement development Edmonton, we take pride in offering innovative and trending basement renovation projects. We believe a basement is an equally beautiful and essential part of your home, and it deserves quality artistry throughout a renovation construction process. Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd. is a leading basement development Edmonton firm striving to deliver quality work at an affordable price. 

Our basement project managers will come for an on-site visit, discuss options for basement designs and offer you a free estimate. Call or visit us online to schedule an appointment and learn more about our exclusive services.

Summary :
  • Edmonton Basement Renovations with Traditional Design

  • Basement Renovations With A Bar 

  • Basement Development Projects With A Punchy Look- Small or Large

  • Playrooms for Younger or Older Generations

  • Go With an Open Concept For Basement Renovation

  • Complete Your Basement Development Edmonton with Lights

  • Extra Living Space Or Home Office With Basement Renovation Experts

  • Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd.- Your Complete Basement Renovations Partner

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Edmonton Basement Renovations with Traditional Design

Canada experiences an extreme climate, so most homes have basements simply because homes must have a footer below the frost line. This space can add a new dimension to your home when renovated correctly. To remain within codes and still have functional and beautiful space, basement renovation experts should be called in to help with planning and renovations. 

Whether you are looking to turn unused basement space into a rental space or are looking to use the finished basement as a bedroom or entertainment area for the family, there is a lot to do. If you plan to go for a subtle design – going traditional is just the right choice. Traditional designs allow for a space that can be redecorated easily and change with current trends. Being one of the best Edmonton basement renovation companies, we offer you on-time services and free estimates. 

Basement Renovations With A Bar

Turning your basement into a living area with a bar is an excellent idea due to the extreme temperature conditions in Canada. You never have to worry about leaving the warmth of home. To get to the nearest bar, simply walk downstairs, and there you have it! You can go with cobb lighting to go over the counter and bar to give it a more aesthetic look. 

Additionally, sharing the space and turning your basement into a bedroom or living room with a bar improves the functionality of the space. Bar spaces are always ideal if you want to turn your basement into a man cave or party room for family and friends. Plan your basement development with us to avoid improper installation of walls, plumbing, and electrical outlets and create an excellent finished product. 

We seek to have satisfied customers, so we plan the entire process thoroughly with you before beginning any basement project.  

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Basement Development Projects With A Punchy Look- Small or Large

With Edmonton basement development, there can always be fun in renovating the space you have with a punchy look. Use colors and unique designs to make your basement space stand out! Understand that the design options are endless. If your basement is not big enough to hold a full bar, for example, or if bar design goes over a budget, we can always plan to add it into a small corner space. Designing a space to meet your needs means using all available space in the best way possible! You can give your new space a fun, punchy look depending on your chosen colors. Enhance this look by choosing solid color combinations such as ultramarine blue, off-white, black, grey, deep violet, and a slightly lavender shade. Have some fun with your renovation and make your space pop!

Call or connect with us online to turn your dull space into a punchy, fun basement.

Playrooms for Younger or Older Generations

Many want the extra space below to be transformed into a fun playroom. Whether for the kids or the adults, the basement space is a great area to hang out and have some fun! For adults, you can leave the space more open and decorate with game tables such as billiards, set up card tables, or have a dart board ready to use. For children, you can build in smaller areas and cubbies, perfect for keeping toys contained. Many families choose to have a bathroom installed to stop friends and family members from having to go upstairs to use the facilities. As always, we will take care of the entertainment area’s plumbing and ensure a building permit so that you can relax in your renovated space. 

If you want, you can also add exterior doors to your basement so that you don’t disturb the whole house when your guests leave. 

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Go With an Open Concept For Basement Renovation

When we say open concept, we are referring to a studio design. While your front door brings you home, your basement door will bring studio life. Studios are one of the most popular Edmonton basement renovation ideas. They are the best idea if you plan to use the basement for rental purposes, office space, or have one large combination of bedroom and entertainment areas. A studio makes a basement feel larger than it is. It can be large and open or small but elegant, and the whole process of renovation is easy. It is important to note that load-bearing walls may need to remain for budget reasons. We will look at your home and help you plan how to design your basement space.

You can choose from several flooring, ceiling, and color combinations. Connect with us online for a free estimate. 

Complete Your Basement Development Edmonton with Lights

Basements are a darker location in most homes. Thus you can never go wrong with lights. During home construction, often, the basement is left dimly lit. Professional lighting is the best option if you are planning basement developments. You can use lamps and a combination of white and yellow lights to turn your dull basement into a secondary suite, or you can have lights installed professionally to make the space bright and inviting. 

Whether you are looking for complete home renovations, bathroom or kitchen projects, or want basement developments, we are your best option.  

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Extra Living Space With Basement Renovation Experts

One of the best ideas for basement renovation is to use the basement as a true extension of your living space. An added bathroom, laundry area, and large living room create a nice getaway where homeowners can go to relax. It is also a great area in which guests can stay. Some opt to have kitchenettes installed during the renovation, creating a hotel-like feel and charm. 

At Smyth Stolarz, we aim to deliver the best design to meet the needs of Edmonton homeowners. Give us a call or connect with us online to begin to plan your basement development within your budget.

Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd.- Your Complete Basement Renovations Partner

At Smyth Stolarz, we are Edmonton’s leading basement contractors with expertise in renovations. Our basement development projects are custom planned for each client. While renovating basements, there are a lot of things that may need to be upgraded to be current with newer codes. We first check your electrical system, staircase, and desired setup. When plumbing lines and electrical panels are installed securely and safely, the fun of design elements begins!

What distinguishes us from all the contractors is that we pull all the necessary permits for you. Our entire team focuses on providing solutions and designs that fit your budget and basement area, giving you the space you need and deserve. Plan your basement development with us for an excellent job.

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