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Things to Consider When Finishing Your Basement in Edmonton

Make Living Better with Better Basement Renovations

Is Your Basement Waterproofed?

Before beginning a basement renovation project in Edmonton, it is best to ensure your basement is waterproofed. Water, even in small amounts, can wreak havoc on basement upgrades. Make sure the contractors you hire are experienced in basement development. As a precaution, we recommend that you have the contractors seal the entire basement, floor, and exterior walls, prior to basement developments beginning. Have basement windows inspected for cracks, rotten wood, and potential leaks. Even if you have never had a problem in the past, this will help ensure your space stays dry. 

Basement finishing, Edmonton, means melting snow and rainy seasons. Water leaks can ruin drywall, encourage mold growth, and invite insects into your home. Essentially, if water can get in, chances are good that insects can also get in. Foundation walls are known to crack over time as houses settle. Identifying such cracks and sealing them can save a homeowner time, money, and stress of a leak in the future. At Smyth and Stolarz, we make sure to fill and seal all cracks to make your basement development project a success.

Consider Amenities: Lighting, Heating, Plumbing

At Smyth and Stolarz, lighting, electrical sockets, plumbing, and heating are never an afterthought. We thoroughly plan every aspect of your basement renovation to ensure you get exactly the space you desire. We also make sure to follow safety codes for fire and emergency escape. 

When looking at a basement renovation plan, it is important to consider wiring requirements. Not only are these requirements what is required, but they are also what make your new living space comfortable and usable. In this age of technology, having adequate plugs and sockets adds significant value to the space. 

Electrical systems and electrical panels need to withstand the addition of the added, now usable space. Basement developments must also consider light fixtures, and the finished product must be up to date with codes. These elements should be decided upon during the design process with your contractor.  

Edmonton basement development also requires that heating and plumbing are planned out according to city requirements and safety standards. While DIY may work for some interior renovations, it is best to leave the electrical, plumbing, and heating to the professionals when completing a basement renovation. This ensures you stay aligned with the Alberta building code and true to your building permit. 

Get the Required Building Permit for All Renovations

The city of Edmonton requires building permits for almost all basement renovation and basement development projects. Although permits can take time to acquire, they are actually for the owner’s protection. The basement must support the home above it. If basement development changes load-bearing, the entire home can become unsafe. If you plan exterior renovations, such as on exterior doors or windows, this requires a permit as it is a change to the home’s exterior walls. Building code requirements are there for your protection and the protection of your family. 

By using the right contractors for the job, such as Smyth and Stolarz, you can rest assured that your project will be completed accurately, legally, and beautifully. Our basement renovations are some of the best in the province. We make your new living space exactly what you require and pull all necessary permits for our clients. 

A legally finished basement adds a tremendous amount of value to a home. Some homeowners add an entire living space with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to rent out and earn a bit of extra income. Others want an added playroom, laundry room, or movie room. Adding extra space and additional finished square footage to a home adds value. When you see the finished product, you will simply wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

New Basement Construction Process

Basement contractors are great to utilize when doing basement renovations. Having a contractor who knows Alberta building code, understands home construction dos and don’ts, and provides quality work can save you money, headache, and hassle. Edmonton basement development doesn’t have to be a stressful process. When you hire Smyth and Stolarz, you can rest assured that all permits will be pulled and all inspections completed within a reasonable time frame. 

It is essential to understand that the basement development process is indeed a process and will not be done overnight. It is common to have to wait for inspections to be able to proceed with the renovations. Basement projects, however, should be fun! Watching your new living space come to life is something that may give a spark to a future renovation. 

At Smyth and Stolarz, we support our clients through the entire process and know you will love your home renovations!