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How to Prevent Basement Flooding During Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain Floods Basements in Edmonton

The annual average rainfall in Edmonton, Alberta, is approximately 305 millimetres, or 12 inches. Though this is not much precipitation compared to other regions, it becomes problematic because the majority of this rain falls during only two months of the year.

With so much rain accumulation in such a short amount of time, the risk of flooding and issues with drainage increase. To make matters worse, the lack of moisture during the other ten months causes weather systems and people to become relaxed about managing rain accumulation.

When excessive rain falls in Edmonton and floods occur, it is always a home’s basement that floods. When basements flood, the damage can be devastating, leaving flooded basements in need of basement clean-up services and basement renovations.

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Where Does Water from Around Your Home's Foundation Go
After Heavy Rainfall?

Heavy rain overwhelms the existing drainage systems around a property, such as gutters, downspouts, and drainage pipes. If these systems do not effectively carry rainwater away from the foundation, water then has to be collected through the foundation’s weeping tile and delivered to the city storm drain system by the sump pump.

The sump in an Edmonton home or business is situated at the lowest point in the foundation. In the case of houses, this is in the basement. A home’s sump is designed to collect groundwater that accumulates around the foundation. Weeping tile located at the base of the foundation’s exterior directs the water into the sump. Most residential sumps can hold from 18 to 25 gallons (68 to 95 litres) of water. Once a sump fills, the sump pump automatically turns on using a float switch, pumping the water out of the sump to a city storm drain. Usually, these systems work reliably and independently without most home owners knowledge.

Edmonton Emergency Sump Pump Failure:
What Happens When Your Sump Pump Stops?

When a sump pump stops working in an Edmonton home, it can lead to basement flooding. As the sump fills and the pump is no longer able to remove the excess water, the water level in the sump will rise. Eventually, the sump basin will overflow, causing water to seep into the basement. As the basement fills with water from the sump, significant damage to personal belongings, flooring, walls, and electrical systems in the basement will happen.

During a flood, moisture will eventually lead to the growth of mould and mildew. This can pose health risks and require costly remediation. Additionally, structural and electrical damage will occur, requiring the complete refinishing of a finished basement.

The Best Ways to Prevent Your Basement From Flooding
During Heavy Rainfall

To best minimise the risks associated with sump pump failure, it is recommended to have a backup sump pump system in place. Backup systems can include battery-powered sump pumps, water-powered sump pumps, or a secondary sump pump that can activate when the primary pump fails. Regular maintenance and inspections of the sump pump are also crucial to ensure its proper functioning and the early detection of any issues.

Additionally having downspout extensions to direct water away from your home will greatly reduce the amount of water that drains into your home’s sump.

If a sump pump failure occurs, it is essential to address the situation promptly. Contacting a professional plumber or a sump pump specialist can help diagnose the problem, repair or replace the sump pump, and mitigate any resulting damage to the basement and home.

What to do if your basement floods

Unfortunately, once a large amount of water enters your basement, water damage will occur immediately, and basement restoration and renovation will be required. Call your insurance company as soon as possible. They will advise you on cleanup and claim procedures. Responding quickly to a basement flood is critical to mitigating the damage.

Smyth Stolarz Construction Ltd. can help guide you through the restoration and rebuilding process. Contact us as soon as your basement is exposed to flooding. We will begin with water damage restoration and provide basement renovation services to rebuild your basement better than it was before.